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it's time to say hello with video

Read how the media and advertising landscape have now changed forever


My aim is to create meaningful VIDEO content that reflects your business and personality, the story behind who you are.

A VIDEO can be 1-2 minutes long and adapted with a personalised business message from you, your family, friends or clients.

These are fantastic to share across all your social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Vibe, website or blog.

The mainstream media, advertising and marketing genres have been forced into change thanks to new and emerging technologies.

Some have dragged their knuckles whiles others have emerged as business disruptors. 

An example of a media disruptor is the print and online magazine 'Renegade Collective' who bring a whole new meaningful way of dealing with their readership.  

These gals have left a lot of others in there wake as they turn heads around the world. They are leading and driving the change.

If you haven’t already done so maybe it’s time you reviewed how you spend your advertising and marketing dollars. How effective are your campaigns and more importantly is it relevant or even working for you now in this next generation of exciting business opportunities?

Gone are the days when your only advertising choice were newspapers, television or radio.

The 2017 business trends are VIDEO messaging is now the preferred social media tool to start a conversation with your customers, friends or community on Facebook or Instagram.

My VIDEO costs are a lot less than typical advertising with packages starting from $100.00.

The great thing about a VIDEO is they can have a global reach.

VIDEO gives businesses an edge and adds value to your social media and business networks.

As a business owner it is your choice if you want to have a conversation with just the locals or expand your reach to the world.

VIDEO content plays for around 1 to 2 minutes and is ideal for business and product introductions, community events or announcements and news.

Join the sharing economy but start with someone you can trust.

Finally a VIDEO is a gift that keeps on giving.

Each time you have a custom VIDEO made for you, you can house it on your Facebook, INSTA or WEBSITE page for customers to view any time of the day.

Consultations, questions and advice are free!

If you would like to see what digital content I have created so far check out my VIMEO account, I have over 70 films there.



Video is perfect for:

Social Media

Video is the best way to quickly connect with your customers via social media.  Its all about short sharp and entertaining content thats highly shareable.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is a highly effective way to connect not only with a  local but global market.

Your Website

Using video on your website is an awesome way to educate new customers about your product & services.


Video has to be one of the best ways to train and engage with staff.  Perfect for in-house training or remote training of staff.


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